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    Shaanxi Hanjiang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd adheres to the aim of “dedicate the better medicine to the human beings” and insists on sustainable development strategy. This is not only the requirement of our self-development, but also a commitment to the Corporate Social   Responsibility. We constantly improve the performance of EHS and respond the expectations and demands of related parties.


    1. Social responsibility

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means that the corporate should not only create profit and bear the legal liability, but also be responsible for the employees, customers, community and environment. CSR requires the corporate must surpass the traditional concept which takes profit as the only goal. CSR emphasizes that the corporate should concern value of employees and contribution to the environment, customers and society. As a responsible corporate, hereby we promise that:


    • People-oriented and respect each employee.
    • Safety and prevention first and comprehensive management.
    • Clean production, energy conservation and discharge on standard.
    • Respect intellectual property right, anti-corruption, fair management and create a harmonious society.   
    • Dedicate the better medicine to the human beings.
    • Participate in the construction of community and share the benefits with them, develop jointly.   


    2. Environmental protection

    We obtained ISO14001 certificate In December, 2002 , passed the OHSAS18001 in December, 2007 .In Feburary,2012,we passed clean production inspection executed by Shaanxi Provincial Environmental protection Department.


     3. Employees care

    We guarantee the employees’ lawful rights, safety and health; provide the opportunity and platform for their work, study and promotion. Enable them to share the fruits of the development. 

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